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Media Lab


Dental implant simulation software
Implant3D Media Lab Software


  • Standard hardware (PC)
  • NVIDIA & ATI graphic card support
  • User-friendly interface
  • New Vista-like interface
  • Use of mouse-wheel for sections navigation
  • Mouse Right Button Advanced Functions
  • Mandibular Canal Identification)
  • Sinus Lift Simulation
  • Implant Simulation
  • Maxilla/Mandibula Setup
  • Implants Sequence Creation
  • Implant with real shape
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Create Patient

To enter a new patient click Patients from the File menu, click "New", fill-in the required fields and click "Save".

Import images

To import the patient images click "Import Dicom".
Step 1 - Specify the unit and folder in which the patient images to be imported are stored.
Step 2 - Specify the image format.
Step 3 - Select "Dicom Sequence" option and the first image to be imported.
Step 4 - Select the last image to be imported.
Step 5 - Specify the image parameters (only in case the images are other than DICOM) supplied with the images.
Clicking “Import” the images import will start.

Opening a Case

To open a case click the corresponding line, then click "Open".

Creating Panoramic

To create a panoramic perform the following steps:
- click button, on the "General" tab

- choose an axial image and click "New"
- click the axial image on the start point of the line to be drawn
- click the axial image on the intermediate points
- double-click the end point
- click the "Create" button

Once the panoramic has been created, you can perform measures on the images:
- click the button, on "2D" tab


To enter an implant, you should:
- click the button, on "Implants" tab

The implant will be displayed on the panoramic, the axial, the relevant section and the 3D model. To move the implant, place the mouse pointer on the implant and drag it to the desired position.

Drawing Mandibular Canal

The mandibular canal can be drawn on the panoramic (the diameter can be set choosing Options from the Utility menu).

To draw the mandibular canal you should click the "Canals" button, on 3D tab, and "Trace Canals":

1. click "Add 1st on Panoramic"
2. click on the panoramic where you want the mandibular canal to start
3. click on the panoramic intermediate points
4. double-click on the end point
5. click "Add 2nd on Panoramic"
6. repeat steps from 2 to 4
7. click "Exit"
8. click the "Canals" button, on 3D tab, and "Show Canals"